1. Goods and or products sold remain the property of the company until fully paid. 

2. No goods and or products will be dispatched without all costs being paid IN FULL.

3. Wine club membership fee is handled as a sale in respect of membership fees paid:

a. Monthly subscriptions paid.

b. Half-yearly subscriptions paid 

c. Yearly subscriptions paid

4. Wine Club Membership Conditions are set out and agreed upon on the application of membership and read with this document.

5. Although all reasonable care is taken with the packing and shipping of goods, the responsibility and ownership pass to the purchaser (consumer) when full payment of the goods and or product is received. 

6. It is at the purchaser’s (consumers) discretion and option to include insurance on goods dispatched. 

7. Goods and or product being dispatched by the company will be deemed to have been delivered by the company to the purchaser (consumer) with a signed Delivery Note and or Courier Collection Note and or Postal Note whichever is applicable.

8. Direct deliveries will be deemed to be deliveries within a radius of 50km from the company’s warehouse; these areas are deemed to be:

a. Greater Johannesburg

b. East Rand inclusive of Heidelberg (Gauteng)

c. West Rand inclusive of Mogale City (Krugersdorp)

d. Greater Pretoria

9. It is at the discretion of the purchaser (consumer) the form of delivery and or date acceptance of delivery of the goods and or product purchased.

10. Orders on goods and or products received prior 13:00 (one o’clock) on any business weekday will be dispatched and sent out via courier and or postal delivery if so chosen on the same business weekday.

11. Orders on goods and or products received after 13:00 (one o’clock) on any business weekday will be dispatched on the following business weekday.

12. Orders on Direct deliveries of goods and or products received prior 13:00 (one o’clock) on any business weekday, excluding Fridays, will be delivered the same day subject to the delivery schedule of the company. Friday orders will be delivered on the next working weekday unless prior arrangements were made between the purchaser (consumer) and the company.

13. Wine Club member's monthly delivery will be done by courier service or as set out and agreed on within the membership agreement.

14. Deliveries or the arrangement of deliveries of Online purchases of goods and products via the web portal will be done on the next business weekday.

15. Electronic mail requests for deliveries will be handled as far as possible within the guidelines as set out within this document. 

Customized Goods and or Products

There is a Non-Returnable policy on Customized goods and or products. Goods and or products are of a specific nature and or designed and created and agreed upon by the purchaser (consumer) prior execution in the creation of such goods and or products. These products and or goods cannot be on-sold as they would have been branded for an individual and or company.

Wholesale Inquiries

Should you be a retailer and have wholesale inquiries, kindly email us on

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments